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On-board Weighing Scales– An overview

On-board weighing scales are used in a wide variety of material handling applications where material is loaded into trucks, bays or processing lines. By measuring hydraulic pressure in the lift cycle, our range of on-board weighing scales give a display in the cab of each bucket load and the total material loaded.

Spraying – An overview

With increasing economic and environmental pressure, accurate application of chemicals and fertilizer is essential. Our range of sprayer control systems offers fast-reacting, reliable and user-friendly instruments are available.

Yield Monitoring – An overview

If you don’t measure it you can’t manage it. Yield measurement is essential for checking field yields, variety performance, input effects and so on. It is also the entry point for precision farming, enabling GPS based yield mapping.

Drill Control and Area Measurement – An overview

For efficient field operation and to create information for subsequent invoicing, We can supply a series of fieldwork instruments for use on farm machinery.

Vehicle Monitoring – An Overview

Axle Overload Warning
To comply with safety legislation and to ensure efficient use of the vehicle, individual axle and gross vehicle loading has become important for drivers and operators of commercial vehicles. Ensuring individual axles are not overloaded also has advantages for long term maintenance costs. Forklift Weighing

For increased load safety and early warning of tip-over point, we supply products that help to increase site safety and increase vehicle efficiency.. Designed specifically for forklift weighing and load monitoring, these instruments feature audible and visual overload warning alarms

Speed and Distance Measurement

Safety is paramount on all industrial sites. Our instruments enable vehicle speed to comply with the health and safety policy for the site.

Machine Monitoring Our range of machine monitors offers numerous functions based around shaft speed monitoring and including forward speed, area and time. We can supply a six channel shaft monitor which provides essential information on machine work rate. We can also supply a four channel monitor which provides information on engine work rate with the added functions of forward speed and area.
Truck Scales